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Did you find that great instructional video on YouTube you want to save to show others? Maybe you want to download that song from that new indie artist you just discovered? How would you do this, though? The best way is probably a YouTube downloader tool.

Use our free YouTube downloader tool available on the web called YouTube-MP3 Converter. This tool will convert videos on YouTube to MP3 or MP4. Best of all, this YouTube downloader tool is also free!

YouTube-MP3 Converter is a simple web-based application. It’s very easy to use. There is a link box to where you will paste the link to the YouTube video you want to save. Next to that is a drop-down box where you can select to save that video as an MP3 or an MP4. Then you click go and you are all set! After a few moments you will be able to download your video or MP3 and save it to your computer.

So, why would you want to download a video from YouTube? There are tons of reasons. Let’s explain some of those. Perhaps you are a teacher. You found that perfect instructional video for your tech or history class. You want to share that video with your class, but YouTube is blocked at the school. You could download that video and share it from your computer.

Maybe you are going on a trip. You could be traveling someplace where you won’t have internet connectivity, or you don’t want to use your data plan on your cell phone. Using a YouTube downloader like our free YouTube-MP3 Converter, you could download that series from your favorite YouTube channel and take it with you.

What if you found a brand-new music artist on YouTube or songs from a band that isn’t in your country? You have tried to find their music everywhere. It’s not available on Spotify or iTunes. You can’t purchase the songs from their website – that band doesn’t have one yet! So, how do you save that music to your collection?

You could convert that video from YouTube to MP3. That way you can save that song to your library and never lose it. That artist may never release their music for people to download from a music service. Using a YouTube downloader will help you preserve that song forever.

There are a lot of good reasons to download videos and music from YouTube. No matter what your reason for doing so is, our YouTube-MP3 Converter is a great tool to download your videos. This website create good copies of MP3s and videos to save on your computer and phone to share with others or watch on the road.

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